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T Jae Christian

T Jae Christian


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Get That Nashville Sound On Your Recordings!!

SERIOUS ARTISTS WORLDWIDE that want to get that NASHVILLE SOUND on their recordings, and have your video made!  It doesn’t matter what style of artist you are, COUNTRY, ROCK, R&B, BLUES, POP, OR EASY LISTINGING, we capture it your way here at SOUND CONTROL in NASHVILLE. Your finished project will be of the highest STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE!

Well, There is only one place you can get it & that is in NASHVILLE TN USA. Because we use only the top union musicians, best studio & engineers!

Our engineer Mark Mosley has recorded such great artists as: Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Porter Wagoner, George Jones, Jerry Reed, Lynn Anderson, Dolly Parton, Dottie Rambo, John Anderson,& Many More,

We Look Forward To Bringing Your Recording CAREERS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

Email   Class55@aol.com                     Call      615 – 449 – 2534

“I’M CRAZY OVER YOU” Lacy Jay Syler

Wide Open Lacy Jay

Wide Open Lacy Jay

Here’s the new single on Lacy Jay,   “I’M CRAZY OVER YOU”  From her new  up coming album “WIDE OPEN”                WELCOME TO THE BLUEGRASS SIDE OF LACY JAY.




☆☆OCT. 30TH, 6:30 PM☆☆

☆☆OCT. 30TH, 6:30 PM☆☆
☆☆CAPITAL THEATER, LEBANON, TN (The historic theater on the square!)
☆☆This will be a video preview as well as a video shoot of a live performance!☆☆ We need a crowd! Please RSVP and DON’T MISS IT! Bring a friend! !


Summer Tour With Lacy Jay Syler

T. Jae and LACY JAY SYLER Headed out for show on Summer Tour.  5-30-2014

T. Jae & Lacy Jay syler on the road.

T. Jae & Lacy Jay syler on the road.


T. Jae Christian – I Wish Was Home

T. Jae Christian - I Wish Was Home

T. Jae Christian – I Wish Was Home By:George Peden,Sr.Staff Journalist

 By:George Peden, Sr. Staff Journalist     NutsAboutCountry.com

T.Jae Christian is one of those names. He’s one of those identities. He’s a noted songwriter, producer and accomplished performer. But don’t look for him atop the Billboard charts. You won’t find him.But that’s more to fickle wants and a herd mentality that demands arenas, block-wide tour buses and albums on discount at Walmart.
This Tennessean is from the old school. Histalent comes honed of time and hardknocks. This self-made entrepreneur, who created his own label to give talent a chance, has rattled closed doors and worn shoe leather down. He’s rubbed shoulders and shared stages with legends; he’s spilt ink on tunes for known names, and he’s mentored many of today’s up and coming independent stars.  Think George Jones, Haggard, Paycheck and other classic legends and you’re getting a feel for the talent of T.Jae Christian.   {Full Article}